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WTF, Poems by Laura Foley

The striking narratives of Laura Foley's WTF shimmer with crystalline transparency, hard as well as clear.

Sample Poems by Laura Foley

"I liked 'The Long View' (in the collection WTF) for its abundance of precise and effective details: an exact location, many poignant indicators of the subject's confined and increasingly lonely life. The tone is restrained (no pleading for sympathy) but the lines move urgently, and the pity grows with them. Many years and much sadness in the spacious apartment are made palpable in the confines of verse."-David Constantine

"Laura Foley's poetry is almost unprecedentedly direct, simple, devastatingly clear… So convincing about experience."-David Ferry

"Laura Foley, a master of memory as poem, brings us a portrait of tragedy, loss and longing. For those of us whose fathers were strangers, Foley's WTF provides a perfect commiseration through the 'survivor's eyes' in her beautifully understated language."-John O'Connor

ISBN-13: 978-1625492210, 34 pages, $15

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