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To See What Rises, Poems by Alison Stone

Every moment of Alison Stone’s new collection is one of stillness, of waiting, to see what glimmers may rise from the ashes, and the earth.

Sample Poems by Alison Stone

Praise for Alison Stone’s Work

“Stone is not a ‘literary’ poet (there are enough of them). Her text does not depend on other texts. She is interested in a woman’s truth, and has something hard won (but won) to give her readers. This is strong poetry.”Allen Grossman

“Gorgeous work – not only accessible, but tight as can be. I must say that Alison Stone’s book is the first one I've read cover to cover within the first day of reception. Remarkable work.” David Cope

“Stone understands that poems, as Robert Lowell encouraged, must be events in themselves and not merely records of events. Whether psychological or philosophical, or advancing the intensity of raw emotion, Stone’s poems are urgent and dramatic, put themselves and by extension the reader, at risk.”Thom Ward

ISBN: 978-1625494252, 114 pages

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Read Alison’s poem “Because” at