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A Wolf Stands Alone in Water, Poems by Joseph Zaccardi

In A Wolf Stands Alone in Water by Joseph Zaccardi, there are things that belong to everyone, and there are things that should not belong to anyone. Such is the responsibility of the selfless act, and of poetry.

Sample Poems by Joseph Zaccardi

“A Wolf Stands Alone in Water is about damage and repair. What is found here, to paraphrase William Carlos Williams, is an uncensored exploration of the human heart. Neither flinching from evil nor denying glimpses of the divine, Joseph Zaccardi guides the reader through visceral encounters with evils announced daily in the headlines (and the even darker evils hidden from newsprint and camera) to acknowledge, ‘In everything that holds light, there is room/for darkness.’” ––Yvonne Postelle, author of About Beauty, and Sonnets for Sarah’s Daughters

“Poet Joseph Zaccardi brings the practice of Eastern contemplation in non-attachment to the pairs of opposites—good/bad, light/dark—to render an arching omniscient narrator. Then, as if on a Mobius strip, other voices break through, his ‘I’ speaks, or other voices appear from this life or from death. Striking, and hidden in plain view, is a slack, familial vernacular, entrained not to incite alarm or focus. It is a code spoken between elder mother and adult son.

The poems in A Wolf Stand Alone in Water are for that reader who keeps listening through the media din, for the discrete under-voices of moments of personal transformation revealed in acts of seeking, surrender, trauma, and death. Zaccardi, by his masterful slants and selections of art, makes possible our sustained gaze at terror, beauty and betrayal.”––Julia Vose, author of Moved Out on the Inside, and recipient of the Academy of American Poets Prize, SFSU

978-1625491596, 120 pages, $20

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